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05 Nov 2018 - Technology - GIM Suite

How to take advantage of your next GIM Suite software release, sooner.

Get ready to upgrade to GIM Suite 4

The latest version of GIM Suite will soon be available and we recommend preparing now to take advantage of its powerful new features.

GIM Suite 4 introduces an all-new interface called Arena, consolidating and building upon capabilities previously spread across Neo desktop and Neo web into a single, streamlined tool. It allows database managers to build interactive dashboards and reports for end-users to share, print and export their data.

It gives you a smarter, more streamlined way to use your geoscience data. The new interface is one of two components of GIM Suite 4, alongside acQuire 4.

Plan your upgrade to GIM Suite 4

To make the journey to GIM Suite 4 as smooth as possible, we recommend putting an upgrade plan in place for your site.

Start planning early

Giving your IT team sufficient time to schedule the upgrade is critical. As with any upgrade we recommend creating a backup of your database and workspaces and archiving these prior to upgrading.

Testing the upgrade in a development or test environment prior to distributing the release is highly recommended. Make sure you allow for testing time at your site to ensure your integrations with other systems continue to perform and give yourself time to talk with acQuire’s technical support team for any issues that arise.

Support your users with training

Set up a training schedule that prepares your staff for the changes. Our new GIM Suite Learning unit, Using GIM Suite 4, will be available at the end of November in our online learning portal.  Designed to help new users familiarise themselves with GIM Suite, this free online unit is available to acQuire customers as part of annual maintenance. If you haven’t signed up to online learning yet, you can do that here.

Help IT slot in the upgrades

Large or complex sites have many field devices and it can be costly to take them out of service for software upgrades. Planning and prioritising devices needing to be upgraded will reduce downtime.

Also, consider if complementary software applications need upgrading. Optimise device down-time by doing other upgrades at the same time.

Document your upgrade plans

Potential staff turnover in your IT teams, whether they are internal or outsourced, means you might find yourself working with new staff for your upgrade. A documented plan will make it easy for new staff to see where you’re up to and contribute.

Upgrade earlier for long term benefits

Along with being able to use your software investment to its fullest potential, upgrading early also means we receive important product feedback faster. Even customers who start testing the release before choosing to upgrade helps provide valuable feedback back to our product team, ultimately leading to an improved product experience for all.

Transition with our help

The sooner you upgrade, the sooner you can start receiving the benefits of using our web-based software with new, powerful configuration capabilities. Contact your local acQuire Account Manager to see if you qualify for complimentary access to Arena.

If you need technical advice for your upgrade please get in contact with our Support Team – they’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

GIM Suite 4 will be released soon. Keep an eye on our GIM Suite page or sign up to our news updates to stay informed.

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