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04 Aug 2020 - Company & Industry News, Event News

New webinar series, DIGital Discovery, launches for geology and mining professionals

How is digital and data optimisation influencing the mining and metals sector?

In EY’s 2020 report on the Top 10 Business Risks and Opportunities for mining and metals, digital effectiveness is identified as one of this year’s top issues. Now, as our industry is feeling the impact of COVID-19, technology is playing an even bigger part in operational adaptation and building resilience for miners globally.

acQuire is launching a brand new, three-part webinar series delivering thought-provoking insights on the impact of digitalisation and data management in mining. Kicking off in August, the webinars will dig into how geoscientific information management, mining technology and systems connectivity can optimise the future work for miners.

The webinar series is aptly named, DIGital Discovery, and will feature a smart line up of guest speakers from acQuire and the global mining industry. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The role of geological data management and why it’s an essential component to miners.
  • How a rapidly changing technology landscape is both helping and hindering the mining industry.
  • Why cross-collaboration between technology and mining companies is essential.
  • The need for a technology roadmap to ensure a safe and profitable arrival to the future of mining.

The series has been designed with the busy mining professional in mind. Each webinar runs for a neat 30 minutes and includes 10 minutes of Q&A discussion.

Geology managers, mine leadership and geologists will learn acQuire’s vision for what the mining landscape may look like in the future, hear about industry case studies, and have solid take-aways to use in your own business.

Reserve your virtual seat today for one or all three webinars, by heading to the events and bookings page.

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