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31 May 2022 - Technology - EnviroSys, Company & Industry News, Learning

acQuire launches new software training for EnviroSys

acQuire is pleased to announce the launch of its first learning unit for its versatile environmental data management software, EnviroSys. The online learning unit is designed to help environmental professionals gain the fundamental skills, techniques and knowledge required to master all the basic concepts of the software.

Inaugural learning unit launched for EnviroSys software

Use EnviroSys is the first unit delivered for EnviroSys Learning, with more units planned in the future. EnviroSys Learning is an important element of EnviroSys 9’s revamped and expanded support ecosystem, designed to help acQuire customers take ownership of their critical compliance data and use their environmental software to its full potential.

The learning unit is suited to environmental officers, scientists, water quality specialists or hydrogeologists who are completely new to the EnviroSys software. If you have people new to your team, they can be upskilled to get started using your environmental data management software in a short timeframe. It’s also ideal for existing users who want a quick refresher or a walk-through of the latest software version. Participants will come away equipped with the fundamental concepts and tasks needed to get started with storing and accessing environmental data. The best part is you can build on these basics in future learning units to help set up and build your company’s internal capability to use an EnviroSys solution based on best practices and individual business requirements.

Benefits for participants

By completing the unit, participants will learn how to:

  • Navigate the EnviroSys interface.
  • Use the analysis capabilities to determine the health of your environmental data and take necessary actions.
  • Manually capture environmental data into EnviroSys in accordance with your organisation’s data collection obligations.
  • Use the reporting capabilities to share useful trend and status information with stakeholders.
  • Use the Sample Management compliance capabilities to ensure your data is complete.
  • Use the EnviroSys mobile app to capture data (even when offline) and view real-time data from wherever you are operating.

Use EnviroSys can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. It comprises videos and practice simulations, with a quiz to test your learning.

Why acQuire continues to invest in world-class product training

It is essential for environmental professionals working across a range of environmental data and industries to keep their technical skills up to date. This ensures the way teams work with environmental data is optimised and builds your company’s internal capability with competent users. Software training through acQuire’s learning courses offers the perfect opportunity for individuals to upskill and progress their career while allowing companies to maximise their software investment with highly proficient users.

For more information and to enrol in EnviroSys Learning, visit our website.

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