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20 Mar 2018 - GIM Suite Learning

New advanced learning unit: Extend GIM Suite

Database managers or geoscience professionals looking to take the next step in their data management career now have a new learning option to help them get there.

acQuire now offers Extend GIM Suite (302), which covers advanced data migrations and workplace modifications and contributes to GIM Suite Professional (3000) accreditation.

This course is useful for administrators who need to introduce new datasets and workflows to an existing installation. When a company acquires new tenements, buys out a company or goes into joint venture, it may necessitate migration of new datasets.

Extend GIM Suite (302) focuses on surface sampling point data, which may also be new to some users whose sole focus has been drillholes. Administrators will also learn to build a workflow into their current workspace for the new data: there may be gaps that do not cover viewing, exporting and loading this type of data in the future and a whole new workflow may need to be built.

The course, which has prerequisite classes in the Professional stream would also suit Nova Network Partners who want to offer greater services to their clients.

The unit adds to the others already available in the course – Administrator Advanced (301) and Advanced SQL, Script Objects and Data Tracking (400). More details on the learning pathways can be found at our learning pathways page.

In addition to the new unit being added, there are also new updates to GIM Suite Learning. You can find more resources are available via our Online Learning portal. If you haven’t yet signed up to our online learning, head over to:

Course content

The five-day face-to-face learning unit teaches you how to:

  • Explain how to install an acQuire GIM Suite Server
  • Demonstrate how to prepare and plan for a successful acQuire GIM Suite extension
  • Demonstrate the tasks related to the essential components of data migration to an acQuire GIM Suite database
  • Demonstrate how to successfully implement an acQuire GIM Suite extension

Ongoing learning, ongoing benefits

Each of acQuire’s GIM Suite Learning courses builds on outcomes from the previous course, forming a pathway tailored to your career and aspirations. By adopting an ongoing learning culture in your company, staff become empowered to develop their skills and knowledge, not only for their own personal benefit, but for the benefit of the company.

Taking steps in GIM Suite Learning

In our learning courses, you can earn certifications recognised worldwide, showing you are knowledgeable in operating GIM Suite software.

Starting from beginner-level users and moving up to advanced administration of GIM Suite, the courses are designed to cater for learners at all stages of their journey.

The courses are presented both in an online environment, face-to-face in the classroom and in virtual classrooms.

Browse our learning pathways and see where ongoing training could take your career.

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