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20 Dec 2017 - Learning

New, advanced unit added to acQuire’s GIM Suite Learning

New Administrator Advanced training unit launched

GIM Suite specialists can now extend their skills even further by completing a new unit in the GIM Suite Professional learning course – Administrator Advanced. Learn about workspace auditing, synchronisation and automation to be able to work on more complex GIM solutions.

Successfully completing the Administrator Advanced unit is a step towards gaining accreditation as a GIM Suite Professional, giving you global recognition to implement and manage GIM solutions in new business spaces. Our highest level course equips database specialists with the maximum level of proficiency and knowledge to work with geoscientific data across multiple sites and more complex GIM solutions.

Participants enrolled in the new unit will learn to:

  • Manage post-import events. Learn to use the post-import feature to automatically organise source files after loading data.
  • Define coordinate management systems. Learn how to rank and use different versions of historic coordinate data, and how to transform the coordinates for mapping. These features can reduce errors such as missed target areas when drilling. Understand the different types of grid systems and learn how to set up a system. This is particularly important if you have inherited datasets.
  • Configure and deploy workspace synchronisation. A typical GIM Solution caters for many roles (database managers, geologists, samplers, QAQC specialists and more) with different requirements for each role. Instead of exposing the entire workspace to every role, learn to create and share different objects and workflows for each role type. This feature assists with maintaining one workspace, and synchronises copies to users’ local machines. If changes are made to the master, the synchronisation tool rolls out the changes.
  • Use the workspace analyser tool. This tool simplifies the administration of workspaces, by highlighting errors in objects and finding broken workspace shortcuts quickly. See which form definitions and fields are used by objects, what the data type is and where it is stored.
  • Implement automation and data caching. It’s all about speed. Data caching is super important for those with large datasets, such as assays and geophysics. Caching makes data ready quicker, and speeds up data use in forms, reports, and exports. Database administrators will learn to use data caching and also set up auto import for data. For customers who have a lot of data in files you can use auto import scheduling in conjunction with post import events to manage all your imported data files seamlessly.

Ongoing learning, ongoing benefits

Each of acQuire’s GIM Suite Learning courses builds on outcomes from the previous course, forming a pathway tailored to your career and aspirations. By adopting an ongoing learning culture in your company, staff become empowered to develop their skills and knowledge, not only for their own personal benefit, but for the benefit of the company.

Taking steps in GIM Suite Learning

In our learning courses, you can earn certifications recognised worldwide, showing you are knowledgeable in operating GIM Suite software.

Starting from beginner-level users and moving up to advanced administration of GIM Suite, the courses are designed to cater for learners at all stages of their journey. The courses can be used to earn CPD points to maintain accreditation status.

The courses are presented both in an online environment, face-to-face in the classroom and in virtual classrooms.

Browse our learning pathways and see where ongoing training could take your career.

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