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17 May 2019 - Technology - GIM Suite, Learning

Learn to work fast and effectively with GIM Suite 4

acQuire’s learning unit, Task Design, helps database managers adopt new technology.

When it comes to technology, you know that falling behind means becoming out of date. And when you have a team to manage and end-users to support, you will want to be the first to keep up with what is new, technology-wise, in your industry. So if you are a database manager or administrator in the mining industry who likes to stay ahead, you may have already heard of the all-new interface called acQuire Arena, released last year as part of GIM Suite 4.

With Arena, database administrators can now use web-based tools to build sophisticated, interactive dashboards composed of multiple elements such as data grids, maps, charts and logs with new design capabilities. To help you get on-board with Arena, we offer a new learning unit called Task Design, as part of the GIM Suite Practitioner learning course.

To facilitate early adoption and upskilling on Arena, we have been scheduling the Task Design unit across our different regions – Australia, South Africa, Chile, Canada, from the beginning of this year. We have already run several successful sessions (both face-to-face and virtual classrooms). Our participants agreed they went back with a better understanding of the software and could now use it to its full potential in their workplaces.

If you are a database manager keen to work with the sophisticated Arena interface to build interactive dashboards and reports, Task Design will give you a head start. You will learn the best practices around designing and managing tasks, scaled logs and workspaces in the web environment, in order to create the best end-user experience for your team.

Sure, you can explore Arena on your own and use our online help and knowledgebase as tools for self-development too. But if you want learning to be fast and effective, this structured unit delivered by experienced instructors is your best bet. It maximises your time in class and provides you with demonstrations, examples and activities that will make learning stick.

Sign up for this unit while it is still new, so that you can adopt and adapt as we rapidly move to the next generation of software. Let us help you achieve a smooth learning curve that supports you in your journey into the future.

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