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07 Jan 2020 - Technology - GIM Suite, Learning

Learn to use the latest GIM Suite technology like a pro

If you are a database manager keen to enable your field workers and geologists to capture surface samples and field observations on mobile devices, even when they are offline, then you probably already know about acQuire’s new mobile app for field data capture. Released late 2019 as part of GIM Suite 4.1, the acQuire Arena app offers mobile data capture in the truest sense of the term – using smartphones.

If you’ve already upgraded to GIM Suite 4.1 or are in the process, then you’ll also know that upskilling goes hand-in-hand with each new technology update. As acQuire continues to re-define, respond and adapt to trends in the digital world, so should database managers and field geologists to stay on top of technological changes.

acQuire’s latest learning unit, Data Capture for Surface Sampling, is designed to bring you up to speed on mobile data capture and ensure you are using GIM Suite 4.1 to its fullest potential.

In this unit, an experienced GIM Suite technology product owner and specialist show you the ropes. It is a short and simple unit, and completely online. So you can upskill from the comfort of your own office or home! Comprising a demonstration video covering every aspect of surface sampling data capture – from setting up the task for mobile users to downloading the app and using it in field, this unit will have you using the new capabilities like a pro.

Learning participants are recommended to have achieved competency in previous learning units, Arena Basics and Task Design, before registering for Data Capture for Surface Sampling. You can access and register for these units through our website.

Depending on where you are with your GIM Suite Learning journey, sign up for a unit that is right for you.

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