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13 Jan 2016 - Nova Network

How the acQuire Nova Network Helps Deliver Success in Early Stage Resource Projects

The acQuire Nova Network is a program for consultants to partner with acQuire and offer Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) services in the natural resources industry. Nova Network Partners are accredited through acQuire’s Learning Pathways program to deliver high-quality Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) consulting services for mining and exploration companies.

Nova Network LogoGeoscience consultants have the ability to access the GIM Suite technology to provide a better services to clients and deliver quality information about original observations and measurements of geoscientific data.  Nova Network Partners have access to acQuire’s global support network and are accredited through acQuire’s Learning Pathways.

The Nova Network partnership program aims to alleviate challenges faced by early stage projects in the natural resources industry. Some of these challenges include:

  • Project viability
  • Continuity of capability (geologic, database admin, IT)
  • Consistency in collecting, managing and delivering data (season after season)
  • Reliable IT infrastructure
  • Capital cost of technology (software and hardware)
  • Cost of ownership (maintenance and development)

The Nova Network gives companies flexible access to GIM services via a Nova Network Partner, allowing for early stage projects to ensure consistent and quality information management from the outset.

To find out more about the Nova Network partnership program please join our open information session during Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver on Thursday, 28 January.

Alternatively, please contact our Nova Network Partner Manager if you are interested in learning more about the Nova Network benefits for your next project.

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