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12 Nov 2019 - Industry News, Technology - GIM Suite, Business Management

How healthy is your geoscience data?

When was the last time you checked the health of your geological database? You might be suffering from any number of issues affecting your data and your team’s ability to work efficiently. Find out what one Australian miner discovered after experiencing acQuire’s Health Check and a Site Efficiency Assessment. It turned out to be an essential tune-up for their company’s growth strategy.

Chris Raymond, Exploration Superintendent at Tritton Resources Limited (Tritton) was becoming concerned about discrepancies he was noticing in their geoscience data. Tritton, a fully-owned subsidiary of Aeris Resources Limited, is delivering high-levels of copper production from multiple mines. With a strong focus on future growth, Chris knew the integrity of Tritton’s geoscience data was important to support Tritton’s company goals.

The Tritton team wasn’t using their solution at optimal efficiency, something Chris identified as another issue, especially if they were going to hit an immediate goal of producing 25,500 tonnes of ore. While the acQuire technology has been in use for more than 15 years, significant changes in the technology, a lot of additional features, and new users since the original implementation led Chris to believe he probably wasn’t getting the most value possible. Only one person on Tritton’s team had been through acQuire’s GIM Suite Learning program. It was time for a Health Check and Chris called on acQuire to help.

100+ point check-up of your geoscience data

acQuire performs a Health Check to ensure your data is compliant and the workspaces of your database are performing at top efficiency. The configuration of your GIM Suite implementation is examined in three key areas, using more than 100 different checks of your:

  1. database structure
  2. data rules and validations
  3. your workspaces

Those taking part in a Health Check benefit from the expertise of acQuire technical staff who quickly identify problem areas and determine how to fine-tune the software configuration. Since every GIM Suite installation is different, there’s no prescription to fit everyone. The Health Check focuses on your unique implementation.

Once acQuire has delivered a detailed report, the business benefits of a Health Check can start to be adopted. acQuire provides recommendations on how to optimise workflows to increase productivity; identifies new features and shortcuts for ease of use and increased functionality; and identifies ways to improve compliance to statutory guidelines.

Optimising your site’s geoscience data handling

A Site Efficiency Assessment (SEA) analyses your processes and the way your data flows through your geoscientific information management solution. You can analyse your entire mining workflow or focus on one section. Assessment requirements are determined prior to the SEA and are tailored to suit your individual business needs.

The result of the SEA is a thorough analysis of how your geoscience data is being managed. A report is provided, with recommendations using a traffic light system showing the severity of the problems. This allows you to easily prioritise how to implement the findings, which can be done by your site administrator. You can also enlist the help of acQuire’s accredited Nova Network Partners. The SEA gives recommendations in the following areas:

  • Migrating external data or remigrating data within GIM Suite
  • Adding modules to help manage your data in the most effective way possible
  • Modifying and enhancing workspaces
  • Training and upskilling staff
  • Improving your licence management
  • Identifying data workflow risks and prevention recommendations
  • Creating standardisation and consistency across various sites in your business

An added advantage to doing a Health Check and an onsite SEA together is the same person from acQuire is involved in both. This ensures continuity between the two exercises. Download the Health Check and SEA fact for more information.

When should you get a Health Check and Site Efficiency Assessment?

If you’ve been a long-time user of GIM Suite, you may not be getting the full benefit of all the new changes to the acQuire technology. If you’ve had staff changes, or the person involved in the initial implementation has left your organisation, it’s also a good time to consider a Health Check. Chris Raymond from Tritton noticed some tasks were being done manually outside of GIM Suite because of new changes to processes. This is also an indicator you’ve drifted from best practice for geoscientific data management and could benefit from a deep dive into your entire set-up.

Read more about Tritton’s experience with acQuire Health Check and Site Efficiency Assessment.

Find out more about getting a Health Check for your geoscience data

Contact acQuire to understand how a successfully implemented GIM Solution can optimise your data integrity and improve data governance. If you’re already an acQuire customer and want to improve the health of your geological database, get in touch for a Health Check and Site Efficiency Assessment.

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