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03 Aug 2020 - Technology - GIM Suite

How geoscience data can shape the future of mining

How geoscience data can shape the future of miningBetter data, from more sources, and in a shorter time frame – it’s what we all want. But is it possible or is it even practical for the mining industry to expect it any time soon?

We think so, but let’s face it, more data also means more data management problems.

And yet, data collection – and how we manage original observations and measurements over the history of a mine – determines whether geoscientific information becomes a fundamental link in the mining value chain or remains a collection of disparate data points.

Download our paper to learn why we think the future of mining requires an evolution in systems thinking. You’ll learn how Steve Mundell, acQuire’s Director of Product, believes no one vendor or company is able to fulfil the requirements of an entire industry and what he thinks will save the day.

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