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07 Jul 2021 - Technology - GIM Suite, Company & Industry News, Event News

GIM Suite 5 release highlights revealed in two-part webinar series

acQuire is unveiling the stack of powerful new features now available in GIM Suite 5 through a two-part webinar series, called GIM Mastermind. GIM Suite 5 brings the future of geological data management to today’s mining workplace and helps acQuire’s customers more efficiently capture, manage and access their geological data. 

The first webinar kicks off in August and will feature a thorough overview of the web and mobile capabilities for drillhole logging and sampling across a range of drilling methods. We’ll showcase how geologists can manage a field data collection workflow from mobile capture in the field all the way through to sample despatch in the web, using GIM Suite 5.  


  • GIM Suite 5’s single data interface that is tailored to streamline logging and sampling for different drilling methods. 
  • How to improve your logging consistency with interactive graphical drillhole logging. 
  • How to improve your data quality using built-in data rules. 
  • GIM Suite 5’s web-based guided importing process for data from third-party systems. 
  • How GIM Suite allows you to capture data in both online and offline environments without compromising data integrity. 

Part 2 of the webinar series will showcase the new Data Discovery tool and other key highlights from the GIM Suite 5 release. Data Discovery enables geologists to rapidly construct complex queries to discover and access all geological information within your GIM Suite database.  

The webinars will be hosted by acQuire’s software experts and gives you the opportunity to ask direct questions with GIM Suite’s Product Owners. 

acQuire’s continual focus on evolving GIM Suite ensures you are working with the leading software for geological data management and investing in the future technology roadmap.   

Watch the GIM Mastermind webinars on-demand here.

To find out more about GIM Suite 5, visit our latest software release page. 

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