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26 Nov 2015 - Technology - GIM Suite

GIM Suite 2.1 Release Provides Greater Functionality to GIM Suite 2 Software

acQuire’s latest software release, GIM Suite 2.1, provides important updates to the GIM Suite 2 software to help manage geoscientific data efficiently and with ease of use.

The release contains the following updates:

  • Database administrators can associate views and dashboards with user roles.
  • New integration between GIM Suite 2.1 and Coreshed.
  • Data caching now supports the Project Permission module.
  • WellCAD log files now import directly into GIM Suite 2.1.
  • Geoscientific data in the LAS 3.0 standard can be imported into GIM Suite 2.1.

Please read the release overview for more information.

New integration between GIM Suite and Coreshed

A key highlight of the release is new integration between the acQuire GIM Suite and Corescan’s Coreshed image data repository.

Mineral maps and core photographs can be accessed in GIM Suite 2 via a high performance link.

The GIM Suite 2.1 release will be ready for download on Monday, 30 November for acQuire customers.

For further questions about GIM Suite 2.1 or acQuire’s GIM Solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch. acQuire has an extensive global support network and will make sure your questions are answered.

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