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21 Apr 2016 - Technology - GIM Suite

GIM software with greater efficiencies in acQuire’s latest release

acQuire’s GIM Suite 2.2 software release improves geoscientific information management for natural resources companies.

acQuire’s latest software release, GIM Suite 2.2, provides important updates to the GIM Suite 2 software to help manage geoscientific data efficiently and with greater ease.

The latest release contains numerous updates to the GIM Suite 2 software giving users greater flexibility in data tracking, quicker data review times and reduction in configuration time.

A key feature of this release is the ability to display core images from the ALS CoreViewer™ image library through a dashboard widget. ALS Geochemistry presented this new connectivity with the GIM Suite 2 at acQuire’s booth at PDAC 2016. Watch our video to view the full presentation.

Data can also be imported in the AGS 4 format developed by the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists.

Complete GIM Suite 2.2 release highlights can be viewed on our latest release page with the software ready for download from Tuesday 26 April for acQuire Technology Solutions’ customers.

For further questions about GIM Suite 2.2 or acQuire’s GIM Solution, please contact us.

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