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28 Mar 2018 - Event News by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 19: PDAC 2018 series featuring Stan Wholley from CSA Global

In our latest GIM Channel episode, we’re joined by Stan Wholley, American Operations/President of the Americas for CSA Global and Alison Atkins, acQuire’s Managing Director.

Our latest episode was recorded from the Trade Show floor at one of the largest mineral exploration conferences in the world – PDAC 2018. Our guests joined The GIM Channel to talk about the latest trends in the mining industry, and technology highlights as we shift towards the digital mine.

Show Notes

We discuss…

  • The innovations appearing in geology, such as tools like XRF analysis or downhole viewers, to give a good understanding of what the mineral deposit looks like in its entirety, in much faster time frames.
  • How new data streams and large amounts of data can be used to the industry’s advantage through new analysis technologies.
  • How greater recognition is given to the importance of data in facilitating new technologies for an industry becoming more digitalised
  • Some interesting challenges facing the mining and mineral exploration industry as it starts its shift towards a more digital mine.

I think the key challenge with everything, is people. People are required to do everything and we’re talking about computers analysing data and more, but it’s still a human that presses the button to tell them to do it. I’m hopeful that it will always be that way.” – Stan

  • How the roles of geologists and geoscientists may change in the future.

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