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24 Nov 2020 - Technology - GIM Suite, Learning

Five ways to get more from your GIM software investment

If you use GIM Suite, you’ll know the benefits to keeping your geoscientific data organised in a single repository so your entire organisation is working from a single source of truth. Data validations and business rules help keep data clean, and automations make your workflows quicker and less labour-intensive. When GIM Suite connects with third-party mining software packages, it means other functions in the mine have access to the data they need, when they need it. All of this contributes to a smarter, more streamlined approach to geoscientific data.

However, if your database configuration doesn’t suit your current business processes, you have not kept up with new software releases, or your database experts have left the company, chances are you aren’t experiencing the full benefit of your software.

To get the most from the geoscientific information management in your organisation, here are five things you can do to maximise your ROI of geological database software.

1. Keep upgrading

When you upgrade your software to the current release, you get access to the latest features which are planned for a technology road map to the digital mine of the future. Years of research and development in GIM Suite technology have allowed for digital transformation, with a seamless integration across desktop, web and mobile app. Some of the recent functionality includes:

  • blasthole visualisation
  • the ability to validate attributes at the point of capture
  • scanning sample barcodes
  • capturing single or multiple samples on a blasthole.

Read more about the current release of GIM Suite here.

While some change management is required to keep your implementation up to date, the benefits are that you have the latest fixes, functions and performance improvements. When you decide to upgrade to the latest version of GIM Suite, head to our Knowledge Base for all the latest product information. You can also check out the GIM Suite guide for upgrading on our Downloads page.

2. Continued learning

Changes and upgrades to acQuire products happen on a regular basis, so if you’re looking to maximise the benefits to your company, you need to keep up to date with industry trends. We publish regular articles, news posts and blogs about data management and mining topics in the acQuire Newsroom.

Another way to keep your knowledge current about GIM Suite is to attend our events or training. Users can come to our DIGital Discovery webinars to find out how we’re bringing the mine of the future closer to present- day reality. You’ll find out about hot topics like interoperability, connectivity and technology partnerships.

GIM Suite Learning is continually updated to reflect technology advances so your staff can be upskilled on acQuire Arena app and mobile data capture. We use a mix of learning platforms and delivery techniques, including virtual classrooms, to make it easier than ever before to keep on top of all the advances in geological data management.

3. Get a Health Check

Staff turnover and changes to business needs can see your geological database rapidly become outdated and inconsistent. Do you know if your configuration of GIM Suite is in line with best practice? Ordering a Health Check can provide you with benchmarking and a path towards better optimisation from your technology investment. This 100+ point check of your database ensures the structure and workspace is in good shape and performing efficiently.

4. Conduct a Site Efficiency Assessment

Going deeper than a Health Check, a Site Efficiency Assessment gives you an extensive overview of your site workflows and business processes, encompassing the three key areas of people, process and technology. This assessment identifies key areas to help make your business more efficient. Contact our commercial support team to discuss if a Site Efficiency Assessment is suitable for you.

5. Challenge the way you collaborate within your team or site

One of the major benefits of GIM Suite is its connectivity with other systems, meaning people across the business, from the drillhole to the boardroom table, share the same information. It is valuable to periodically review who in your team has access to data.

Does everyone have access to geoscientific data when they need it to make decisions? Have you extended your GIM Suite to ensure it has both components of software, acQuire 4 and acQuire Arena, to make it easier to capture data, visualise your data, generate reports and access data? Can you access your data across the desktop, web and mobile environments? Check out the latest release here, to make sure you’re benefiting from the latest technology advancements in GIM Suite.

If you need more information on any of the above points or want to organise a time to review your GIM Suite implementation, get in touch with your account manager or contact our team.

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