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23 Sep 2021 - Technology - GIM Suite, Learning

Extend your software skills with GIM Suite Learning

acQuire recently launched GIM Suite 5 which includes a stack of powerful new features for geology teams to capture, manage and access their geoscientific information more efficiently. This means geologists or field workers collecting samples and observations can now seamlessly manage their entire field data collection workflow, across web and mobile, with ease. 

As acQuire’s GIM Suite technology continues to evolve, it is essential for geology teams to keep their technical skills up-to-date. This ensures you are optimising how you work with your geological data management software and is an investment in your future technology roadmap. Software training through GIM Suite Learning offers the perfect opportunity to upskill and progress your career. 

If you are a database manager or database geologist who’s keen to optimise your GIM Suite software to its fullest potential, then our new learning unit update is for you. The unit, Data Capture and Despatch in acQuire Arena (209), has been extended to incorporate new capabilities delivered in GIM Suite 5. It enables database managers to create and configure data capture tasks in GIM Suite’s web interface. This then allows field workers to capture samples or log geological observations across web or mobile and seamlessly sync their collected data back to the central geological database. 

The learning unit now includes a lesson for Drillhole Sampling, guiding learners in how to use the drillhole data capture template, plus upgraded resources in existing lessons to reflect the power of the GIM Suite 5 interface.  

With clearly-defined lessons for different scenarios such as surface sampling, blasthole, drillhole and sample despatch, you can stay focused on a specific area and monitor your progress through the learning unit.   

The Data Capture and Despatch in acQuire Arena learning unit is an online unit available in both English and Spanish. It comprises a blend of videos, practice simulations and an online quiz – all accessible via our online learning portal. To make it even easier for you to update your GIM Suite skills, we’ve packaged this unit with Task Design (208) enrolments. This means when you enrol for Task Design, you’ll automatically be enrolled for Data Capture and Despatch in acQuire Arena (209).

Extend your GIM Suite knowledge  

If you are completely new to the acQuire Arena component of GIM Suite, you will need to start with the basics. The Arena Basics unit gives insight into the fundamental administrative skills needed to set up and manage the Arena component. In just half a day gain the confidence you need to manage the powerful Arena web-based functionality. 

After this, enhance your task design skills with the Task Design unit. This empowers you with the fundamentals to embed web and mobile tasks into your workflow. You will be able to build and create interactive dashboards and reports for your end users. Once you have achieved competency in both of these units, you’re ready to top off your skills with Data Capture and Despatch in acQuire Arena. 

Head straight to GIM Suite Learning on our website to find out more and sign up for a course today. 

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