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27 Apr 2017 - Technology - GIM Suite

Automation – a simpler, more robust way for automating tasks in acQuire’s GIM Suite.

Our development team have been working hard on augmenting the many features of GIM Suite. One new feature of the upcoming GIM Suite 3 is a more streamlined way for automating repetitive and manually run tasks.

GIM Suite users often have a large number of tasks to carry out to manage their data. In addition to the wealth of tools available to help them, the new automation features helps cut down the number of tasks data managers have to run themselves in the software.

This is achieved by automating more common tasks like coordinate transformation and daily imports and exports. Tasks are also performed with more consistency through the built-in automation features.

Automation in the GIM Suite allows for the creation of one or more jobs to be scheduled independently and run as frequently as needed.  For example, assay imports can be scheduled to run every hour, while a large export is scheduled to run overnight. Each job can include multiple related tasks configured to run in a specified order (for example, running an import of surveyed collar coordinates, then running a coordinate transformation for the updated drillholes).

Upon completion of an automated task, email notifications can automatically be sent to nominated email addresses. Different conditions can trigger notifications (that is, whether the job failed, succeeded or completed) The notification can include log files as attachments, making it easy to keep track of the progress of a job and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

A post-import events option allow script objects and Windows batch scripts to run automatically upon completion of your data imports.

Overall, the automation of these tasks brings you easier and timelier access to your data.

In summary, the new GIM Suite 3 automation features provide:

  • Simpler, more robust means for automating tasks over common methods of automation (eg. batch scripts)
  • Visibility into what has been automated
  • Visibility into the status of tasks
  • Notification of success or failure of task
  • Reduces the need for custom code


GIM Suite 3 is available now. We recommend you upgrade to take advantage of these new features and more.

For more information on the latest release or how to upgrade contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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