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16 Oct 2017 - Company News, Nova Network

acQuire’s Nova Network adds new partners

acQuire are pleased to announce three new consultant companies have joined the Nova Network: Appnew, Geodex Consultants and Neoodat.

The Partners joined the Nova Network in September 2017, increasing the number of consultants working with acQuire to fifteen.

Nova Network Partners work with miners and explorers all over the world to enable the use of acQuire’s market-leading geoscientific information management (GIM) software, GIM Suite. Nova Network Partners offer their data management services to prepare, implement and maintain geoscientific information management solutions for clients.


Based in Chile and covering the Latin American region, Appnew provides efficient solutions for the mining and exploration industry. Services include data management, developing software and offering geological consulting.

Appnew are GIM Suite Providers, meaning they can provide access to the GIM Suite tools for clients who do not have the technology or infrastructure in place to efficiently manage their geological data.

Geodex Consultants

Covering the globe from their office in the United Kingdom, Geodex Consultants offer affordable, simple and efficient data management services to the exploration and mining industries.

With over 10 years’ experience, Geodex Consultants aim to add value to their existing operations by improving the speed of data flow and the quality of data management ensuring clients are working with the most up to data and valid version of their data, establishing a ‘single source of truth’.

They utilise industry leading software packages such as acQuire’s GIM Suite,  Leapfrog and Mapinfo to offer a full range of GIS/3D services such as plotting, analysing, reporting or modelling client’s data as required.

As GIM Suite Providers, Geodex Consultants can offer data management services with access to the GIM Suite technology tools.


Based in Bahía Blanca in Argentina, Neoodat is a Geoscientific Data Management, QAQC and GIS consulting company delivering high-quality services, solutions and expertise to mineral exploration companies.

Their mission is to make geoscientific data simple, reliable and available. Their passion is working with clients to overcome their challenges, and to support geoscientists make the next mineral discovery.

Neoodat are GIM Suite Providers, meaning they can provide access to the GIM Suite software in an online environment managed by acQuire for those without existing GIM Suite implementations.

A growing network

The Nova Network is enabling miners and explorers greater access to acQuire’s leading geoscientific data management tools. Through the expertise of the partners and commercial arrangements available through the Nova Network, more clients are getting the benefits of acQuire solutions.

Stephen Alpers, Nova Network Partner Manager at acQuire, says, “Our new partners increase the global reach of acQuire’s Nova Network and brings more ways for mining and exploration companies to access the GIM Suite technology.

This means companies have more options for better management of their geological or drillhole data from the early stages of their projects.

For more details on how Nova Network Partners can make a difference to your GIM Solution, visit

If you are a mining or exploration company looking for data management services, our Nova Network can assist your projects.

If you are a consultant looking to grow your business and offer expert data management services to your client base, contact our Nova Network Partnership manager.


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