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16 Apr 2019 - Technology - GIM Suite, Learning

acQuire offers easy way for geology professionals to update software skills

Did you know that employees have only about 1% of a typical workweek to focus on learning and development? With the demands at the workplace increasing every day, it’s important to be able to utilise this 1% better to deliver immediate results. What’s more, employees want learning to be quick, despite time and budget constraints.

acQuire’s GIM Suite Starter course has been designed to tick all of these boxes. It enables your beginner GIM Suite users to get maximum use of their 1%!

On-the-job training or in-house inductions could cost your business valuable time and resources. On the other hand, unguided self-learning, especially for beginners, may not deliver the learning goals. By embedding GIM Suite Starter in your team induction processes, you can enable new users to start speaking the GIM language in no time.

The course comprises three units, of which Using GIM Suite 4 is the first. It is for beginner-level end-users needing to learn the fundamental concepts and tasks to get started with the acQuire GIM Suite.

Here are our top reasons to give Using GIM Suite 4 a go:

  • Comprises a series of videos i.e. completely online, allowing users to learn from the comfort of their own desks
  • Enables users to watch/learn at their own pace, while managing their workload
  • Includes “practice simulations” to re-inforce learning without the risk of playing in the live environment
  • Groups videos in a logical sequence (from basic to complex) to facilitate retention
  • Is complimentary for all maintenance-paying acQuire customers
  • Allows easy access via our learning portal (with your acQuire login)
  • Has an *optional (paid), online quiz to test users’ knowledge

* Successful completion of the quiz is a prerequisite to all subsequent learning units

Trust us when we say that with Using GIM Suite 4, we have your end-users covered. Or put it to the test and let us know what you think!

Now for your new administrators – we realise that stepping into the backend and managing the infrastructure for valuable data is no mean feat!  To make their role a little less daunting, we offer two other units in the GIM Suite Starter course. Database Basics and the ADM familiarises them with databases, related terminology and how the GIM Suite stores data. Administrator Basics introduces them to the fundamental administrative skills and software tools needed to manage your GIM Suite. What’s more, we offer these units as virtual classrooms and as face-to-face sessions. So watch out for scheduled learning events and find one that suits your learning style, budget and convenience.

In short, whether it is end-users or administrators, GIM Suite Starter gives your employees a head start in their GIM Suite journey. As always, we are all ears and looking forward to any questions or feedback you may have about our learning courses.


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