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19 Aug 2015 - Technology - GIM Suite

acQuire Launches GIM Suite 2 for Natural Resources Industry

acQuire Technology Solutions announces the latest software release for its GIM Solution technology. The acQuire GIM Suite 2, used by natural resources companies to manage their geoscientific information, provides significant performance improvements and more data manipulation features.

PERTH, Western Australia (19 August 2015) – acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (acQuire), global specialists in Geoscientific Information Management (GIM), released the GIM Suite 2 as its major release for mining software in 2015. Key highlights include significant performance improvements and better data manipulation features for geological data management in exploration and mining companies.

One of the most powerful features improving performance in the GIM Suite 2 release is the introduction of new data caching capabilities.

The data caching feature eliminates performance bottlenecks for geologists who manage data in the GIM Suite.

Previously, large data sets with dynamic calculations caused slower performance for data interrogation, reporting and exporting functions,” said Steve Mundell, Director of Product, acQuire Technology Solutions.

Drillhole data is analysed effortlessly with the extension of the expression builder for calculated fields through the entire GIM Suite software.

New fields are built via the expression builder allowing you to interrogate and analyse your data. 

“The expression builder provides simple yet powerful data creation tools to enhance your data analysis,” explains Steve Mundell.

Adding to the improved data analysis features is the seamless application of field styling to geoscientific data contained in the GIM Suite. Teams can now visualise their results, find data and highlight anomalies across both software components in the GIM Suite.

We’re excited to deliver this major release as it contains more than 180 enhancements and changes, 25% of these were requests from our customers.

“Our technology remains a single source of truth for geoscientific data, helping mining and exploration companies make strategic decisions based on this information,” explains Steve Mundell.

GIM Suite 2 is the single source of truth for your geoscientific data and is now available for anyone working with data management in the natural resources industry.

About acQuire

acQuire Technology Solutions is an employee-owned company originating in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 1996, acQuire develops Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) software solutions for the natural resources industries with a focus on exploration, resource development and mining assets.  Due to an ongoing commitment to excellence, acQuire reinvests 20-25% of their annual revenue into research and development. The company currently employs over 100 staff working in seven offices around the globe, with support centers operating in each major time zone. More than 450 sites benefit from acQuire solutions.

For more information, please contact:

Stephen Mundell
Director of Product
acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
Telephone: +61 8 9316 6600

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