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06 May 2020 - Technology - GIM Suite, Company & Industry News

acQuire introduces new mobile data capture solution for open-pit grade control

PERTH, Western Australia (6 May 2020) – acQuire, a global software company specialising in geoscientific data management, has introduced mobile blasthole sampling in its latest software release.

GIM Suite 4.2 extends acQuire’s mobile app to include mobile data capture for blasthole sampling in open-pit mines.

The app, called acQuire Arena, gives miners a better way of working when capturing blasthole samples. Samplers and pit technicians can position themselves on the blast pattern, capture samples on simple, user-friendly forms and instantly validate their data at the point of capture.

The digital solution speeds up the time it takes data logged in the pit to become available to downstream grade control processes like modelling and ore blocking.

In the current global climate, where many are affected by COVID-19 restrictions through either reduced or paused operations, it’s becoming crucial for miners to use new technology solutions to their advantage.

Steve Mundell, Director of Product explains, “Enhancements to the acQuire Arena app extended its data capture capabilities for grade control so pit samplers could work faster and more accurately.

Miners who are still logging on paper or using more manual methods of data collection, now have a reliable and modern mobile solution that works in the pit and seamlessly synchronises data back to the central database.”

The acQuire Arena app is purpose-built for GIM Suite, with full integration across desktop, web and mobile. It’s modern, UX designed interface dynamically changes across different device sizes and it is optimised for Android and iOS operating systems, giving geologists more freedom to choose the device they prefer to use.

The GIM Suite 4.2 software release is now available for acQuire customers and marks a significant step on acQuire’s technology roadmap. With greater functionality added across web and mobile, customers will continue to benefit from more and more features introduced in the future.

acQuire provides geoscience data management software and services for the global mining industry with five offices worldwide and customer support centres operating in each major time zone.

To learn more about GIM Suite 4.2, watch our release highlights video or head to our website.

About acQuire

acQuire provide geoscience data management software and services for the mining industry. Organisations working in exploration, resource development or mining rely on our data management solution to make profitable business decisions based on the quality and integrity of their data assets. acQuire’s GIM software is paired with product support services and accredited training to meet our customer’s evolving technology needs.

Founded in 1996, acQuire originated in Perth, Western Australia and since 2018 has been a part of Constellation Software via its operating group Vela Software. The company currently has five offices around the globe, with customer support centres operating in each major time zone.

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