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15 May 2017 - Technology - GIM Suite, Company & Industry News

acQuire introduces GIM Suite 3 for better geoscientific data management

PERTH, Western Australia (15 May 2017) – Global mining software company and specialist in geoscientific information management (GIM) solutions, acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (acQuire), has released the latest version of its drillhole and sample data management software – GIM Suite 3.

New features in GIM Suite 3 add to the array of capabilities already available in the software, creating an even more robust and secure system to manage geoscientific data assets. Reducing manual tasks and making data management more efficient were the key focus of this release.

A major advance of the latest GIM Suite release is the introduction of automation to reduce time spent on repetitive and manual tasks such as importing and exporting data. Automation in acQuire’s software not only improves time management by reducing manually-run tasks, but also provides a more robust means for automating them. With status update notifications and a simple scheduling and setup wizard, there is greater visibility and control over automated jobs.

Steve Mundell, Director of Product, acQuire Technology Solutions said, “GIM Suite 3 continues to build on our commitment to providing market-leading software. In the context of the current climate in exploration and mining, this latest release delivers more efficiencies to our customers through automation and simplification.

We always recommend our customers upgrade to the latest software release as soon as possible to ensure they get the most out of their technology and can take full advantage of the improvements.”

In addition to the new automation capabilities of the software, enhancements have also been made to data imports, quality control analysis, licence management and workspace synchronisation.


Other key features of the GIM Suite 3 release include:

Data imports made easier

GIM Suite 3 has simplified and made data importing more robust for individual and large numbers of files to remove the risk of loading erroneous or incomplete data sets.

Improved licence management

Licence availability is improved with inactive floating licences able to be automatically returned to the licence pool.

Better quality control analysis

With new visualisations and statistical measures, quality control of analytical results is improved to provide an easier way to identify quality issues.

To explore these and the many additional features of GIM Suite 3, head to

About acQuire

acQuire Technology Solutions is an employee-owned company originating in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 1996, acQuire develops Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) software solutions for the natural resources industries with a focus on exploration, resource development and mining assets.  Due to an ongoing commitment to excellence, acQuire reinvests 20-25% of their annual revenue into research and development. The company currently employs over 100 staff working in seven offices around the globe, with support centres operating in each major time zone. More than 450 sites benefit from acQuire solutions.


For more information about acQuire’s latest software release, please contact:

Steve Mundell
Director of Product
T: +61 8 9316 6600

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