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08 Feb 2017 - Technology - GIM Suite, Company & Industry News

acQuire continues to expand technology partner program

acQuire has recently added Phinar Software to its global technology partner program. It is yet another step in providing acQuire customers with a greater level of connectivity in their operations.

Phinar Software is a West Australian based company progressing in leaps and bounds with its technical applications. Phinar develop X10-Geo, a 3D data analytics and analysis software that seamlessly integrates statistics, graphs, and 3D to turn spatial data into valuable insights.

acQuire is a global technology company. Its GIM Suite software, used in over 450 sites, enables the capture, management and delivery of geoscientific observations and measurements.

Through acQuire’s application programming interface, acQuireDirect, customers can pull their drillhole data into X10-Geo directly from GIM Suite.

Seeing is believing. Benefits of data visualisation.

It is one thing to store and order data effectively, it is another to bring meaning and insights to this data quickly with analytics and visualisation. This is where the connection between the GIM Suite and X10-Geo will be of significant benefit to joint customers of acQuire and Phinar Software. Interactive workflows and automated reporting also saves users valuable time.

Rob de Bruin, Founder and Director of Phinar Software, is excited about the partnership with acQuire: “We have always seen database technology vendors as a natural fit for Phinar, to apply X10-Geo’s productive drillhole and model data analysis and visualisation tools directly on well-structured and managed data.”

“To have a partnership with acQuire, the premier player in the geoscientific database field, is just great.”

GIM Suite provides an efficient way to manage large amounts of geoscientific data, Phinar’s X10-Geo brings a visual dynamic. This enables expedited interpretation – from on-site, through to the boardroom table.

Jared Armstrong, Technical Partner Liaison for acQuire is enthusiastic about growing the technology partnerships, “We continue to collaborate strategically with other software and hardware mining vendors to benefit our customers.

“This means acQuire customers can leverage their existing investments in third party systems that connect with the GIM Suite.”

The Bigger Picture

Phinar Software joins other established acQuire technology partners including Esri, ARANZ Geo, Maptek, Corescan, ALS Limited, Geosoft and Geovariances.

More details on acQuire’s technology partnerships are available here.

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