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Manage the EnviroSys Base Configuration

Manage the base configuration of a monitoring program as per best practices, to cater for the monitoring requirements of your organisation.

The unit comprises videos and practice simulations. When you have completed this unit, you have the option to take the Manage the EnviroSys Base Configuration Quiz to test your learning. Successful completion of the quiz is a prerequisite to a few subsequent learning units, if you wish to continue your learning journey.

Please email learning.envirosys@acquire.com.au to request access to this unit. If you don’t have a login, request here.

Who benefits?

  • New Advanced Users being introduced to EnviroSys.
  • Existing EnviroSys Advanced Users wanting a refresher or a walk-through of the latest version.
Learning Outcomes
1. Recognise the underlying data model supporting a typical Monitoring Program in EnviroSys.

2. Add and edit Sample Sites, Programs, Data Types and Sample Points/Locations to cater for the changing monitoring needs of your organisation.

3. Add and edit Test Methods and Guidelines to cater for varying measurement parameters and their associated compliance and trigger levels.

4. Use Calculations/Aggregations to transform and aggregate raw data.

5. Use Devices, Business Contacts and Distribution Groups to store further information about your monitoring and to control who receives various notifications.

6. Use Metadata to extend the attributes of the main EnviroSys entities.

7. Use additional EnviroSys tools to update spatial coordinates, make bulk configuration changes and manage replacement schemes.

This course/unit is available on request. Please email learning@acquire.com.au to register your interest.
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