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acQuire 4 Coal

Use GIM Suite to work with a generalised workflow focused on depth adjustment, coal quality and compositing of samples. Includes importing, reporting and exporting.

Who should attend?
  • Database managers and acQuire 4 users within the coal industry
  • Anyone who would like to learn more about the capabilities of acQuire 4 with respect to the Coal Quality ADM.
Learning Outcomes
1. Use acQuire 4 objects designed for a coal workflow 

  • Examine the Coal ADM.
  • Use the DAT to tie downhole geophysical intervals to the logged and sampled intervals.
  • Use the compositing tool to create sample and clean coal composites.
  • Import coal quality data (i.e. proximate analyses, ultimate analyses, coal sizing data, clean coal composites).
  • Use coal quality data reports (e.g. Washability Report).
  • Export coal quality data.

You can participate in this unit at one of these upcoming courses:
There are currently no upcoming courses that offer this unit. Please email learning@acquire.com.au to register your interest in this unit, so that we can contact you when it is available.
1 day
Virtual Classroom
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