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12 Dec 2015 -

acQuire in RTX – The Journey of Standardisation and Improving Data Quality

Presenter: Bevan Ward and Andrew Ransom, Rio Tinto Exploration

The purpose of this talk is to broadly cover the implementation of a standardised acQuire data model within the multi-commodity, global Rio Tinto Exploration business. The talk will cover aspects of the history of the work, system architecture, governance and associated principles, and role of subject matter experts in ensuring a stable long-term outlook for the growth of the system.

Recent developments of a mobile data capture tool will be presented. The decisions around the platform choice, architecture and required workflows will be explained. A live demo will be used to show the simplicity of the user interface and power of a database-hosted set of business logic checks and their re-use throughout associated processes.

A generic data checking framework will also be presented providing additional support to the need for centralising business logic tests to expose data issues in terms of data quality and completeness. The tool design and profile based nature lends to ensuring appropriate tests are being applied for the user, commodity, project development stage.

Finally a wish-list for developments within acQuire for RTX will be presented.

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