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Task Design

Work within the acQuire Arena component of the GIM Suite, to build interactive dashboards and reports composed of elements such as data grids, maps, charts and logs (with new design capabilities) for a better end-user experience.

Who benefits?

Database managers who responsible for creating and maintaining acQuire Arena workspaces.

Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate how to design and manage a task. 

  • Demonstrate how to work in the Data mode i.e. selecting/adjusting the data to display in the task, including adding calculated fields and using expressions.
  • Demonstrate how to work in the Design mode i.e. adding the following controls, customising and binding their properties, as well as using functions and constraints.
    • Input controls
    • Data grid
    • Map
    • Log
    • Charts
    • Images, gauges and attachment

2. Demonstrate how to design a scaled log.  

  • Demonstrate how to create and configure a scaled log.

3. Demonstrate how to create and manage workspaces. 

  • Demonstrate how to set up a workspace with categories and tasks.
  • Demonstrate how to manage user permissions on a workspace.


You can participate in this unit at one of these upcoming courses:
04 - 05 Nov 2021
Task Design
27 - 28 Jan 2022
Task Design
2 days
Virtual Classroom
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