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06 Dec 2018 -

acQuire begins

Following requests from four customers for custom-built solutions in the emerging area of drilling data management, Bill decides to build a product for the mining industry.

Bill Withers and Andrew Shoemack are the owners of registered company Metech Pty Ltd, which is marketing a mining software solution called acQuire. The company is renamed to acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd in 2006.

To this day the founding and some still actively involved employees of the acQuire data management project are: Bill Withers (now Managing Director of ADAPT by Design) Andrew Shoemack (Non-Executive Director) Geoff Forbes (Director of Support & ISD), Paul Whelan (Managing Director of acQuire North America) Colin Legg (Consulting Technologist).

The first office is established and still operates from Perth, Western Australia.

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