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12 Dec 2015 -

Rapid Resource Modelling: a vision for faster and better mining decisions

Presenter: Paul Hodkiewicz, BHP Billiton

Our understanding of mineral resources relies on three basic steps:

  • data capture
  • data interpretation
  • model construction

Until recently, all three of these steps required significant time and manual effort to produce a single resource model for mine planning, typically taking more than a year to progress from drilling to the final block model. Over the past several years, BHP Billiton has been developing innovative workflows and methods to significantly reduce these time constraints and make the process more productive by replacing manual activities with automated ones. This paper summarises recent innovations and technology developments, including some from other industries, that are transforming the way the mining industry is managing these three steps, to build better, data-rich models, more quickly and reliably. Importantly, these new methods enable automation, standardised procedures and simplification, to support faster and more informed decision making.

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