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12 Dec 2015 -

Can mining become as innovative as the tech industry?

Presenter: Zane Prickett, RIIT

Is there room for a resource industry focused technology accelerator located in Perth? The Australian resources sector industry recognises that one way to improve productivity is through the use of new technology. However, the industry has traditionally been slow to adopt and integrate new technology products. An accelerator is a program for taking promising individuals and ideas and quickly producing successful companies.

RIIT proposes the formation of a resource industry focused tech accelerator in Perth to help drive innovation the same way current tech accelerators like, Techstars, Y combinator and others have done in outside industries.

The technology startups coming out of the accelerator will create jobs, Australian export income, and investment returns. They will also assist the local resources sector to operate more efficiently and become more internationally competitive.

Join the presentation to find out more about technology accelerators and how they can support technology adoption and productivity improvements in the resource industry.

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