12 Mar 2021 -

PDAC 2021 Industry Panel Discussion: Data Governance: Why it’s considered one of the most important parts of information management in the natural resources industry.

Data governance is a central element within the greater practice of data management and considered an important strategic initiative for natural resources organisations. With the push of digital transformation initiatives across the globe, the focus on data governance is not likely to change anytime soon. Panellists Paul Murtagh – Director – Business Systems at Queensland’s... View Article

12 Mar 2021 -

Protecting your licence to operate and the environment in which you do so.

Having a good understanding and management of your environmental obligations and data is critical these days to help protect your licence to operate and the environment in which you do so.  EnviroSys is a software platform that gives you a 360-degree view of your environmental obligations, stakeholders, performance, and activities both in the field and... View Article

12 Mar 2021 -

Don’t lose sleep over the question – am I compliant right now?

Are you compliant right now?  Can you easily and quickly determine your compliance status against the hundreds or thousands of environmental obligations you are legally obliged to monitor and report?  Can you trust the data feeding into these assessments?  It’s often complex and time consuming to answer these questions and if you’re responsible for this,... View Article

12 Mar 2021 -

Discover smarter, streamlined geoscientific data with GIM Suite

Every resources company have their own way of using data to explore and manage resources – and that’s where things get complex. GIM Suite provides a standardised software solution to ensure your geological data is the single source of truth for your organisation. It’s the technology part of acQuire’s GIM Solution and seamlessly integrates across... View Article

12 Mar 2021 -

Transforming geoscience data discovery and visualisation with GIM Suite

In this presentation, we’ll show you how you can gain more from your geoscience data. New, soon to be available advances extend GIM Suite so you can access, query and visualise your data when, where and how you need it. Presenter: Steve Mundell, Director of Product

03 Dec 2020 -

Interoperability, connectivity and technology partnerships that bring the future of mining closer with a sneak peek at new acQuire partnerships and integrations.

acQuire’s Commercial Account Manager, Kabelo Baloyi, and Imago’s Founder, Federico Arboleda, discuss the importance of interoperability, connectivity and technology partnerships in bringing the future of mining closer and showcase the latest technology partnership between acQuire and Imago.

27 Nov 2020 -

How a Kinross Gold collaboration shaped innovation and became a blueprint for future industry collaborations

Ian Dickie, Senior Geologist – Data Systems at KinrossGold, showcases how collaborative efforts between Kinross Round Mountain and acQuire lead to the development of a new mobile data capture application to improve blasthole data capture.

27 Nov 2020 -

The role of integrated geoscience data in the future of mining

acQuire’s Director of Product, Steve Mundell, discusses the role of integrated geoscience data in the future of mining and why it’s an essential component for miners.  

26 May 2020 -

Introducing mobile blasthole sampling – Webinar

Working in open-pit grade control? Discover how pit technicians and samplers can use mobile data capture to work faster and smarter in the pit using acQuire’s fully integrated mobile app. Our latest software release, GIM Suite 4.2, introduces an enhanced acQuire Arena mobile app, allowing pit technicians to visualise blastholes through an interactive map and... View Article

06 Dec 2019 -

From our R&D Lab: Drill & Blast Hole Data Capture – Webinar

This webinar follows on from our first webinar, “What’s new in GIM Suite 4.1?” introducing you to logging and sampling solutions for drill holes and blast holes, scheduled for release in upcoming versions of GIM Suite. These new capabilities build on mobile field data capture, released in GIM Suite 4.1, to bring a modern and... View Article

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