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YardaSoft Ltd. is a privately held company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, providing consulting services for clients in the Mineral Exploration and Mining industries.

Data related services amongst others include:

  • General workflow optimisation
  • Dataset compilation and amalgamation
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Aggregate and detail reporting
  • GIM Suite post-implementation services
  • GIM Suite configuration, data importing, exporting & reporting and maintenance in the cloud


Yaroslav Dintchev - GIM Suite Practitioner


Yaroslav Dintchev is an experienced geologist with a demonstrated history of working in the Mineral Exploration and Mining industries. Strong research professional, skilled in Mineral Exploration, Mining, Databases, and Geophysics.

He led a team for Dundee Precious Metals in:

  • Discovery of Kupel North gold occurrence in Krumovgrad area, Bulgaria.
  • New geological model for Chelopech Cu-Au deposit, Bulgaria.

His technical experience includes:

  • Very strong skills in T-SQL, Excel, acQuire 4, VBA.
  • Strong skills in GEMS, MapInfo, Leapfrog, ioGAS and VB.NET
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