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At Snowden we believe that every mining project, operation and investment has latent value waiting to be unlocked with the right thinking, the right processes and the right systems. Our observation is that a number of mining professionals will struggle along with software that isn’t fit for purpose, wasting valuable time that could be spent adding value.

We have spent almost 30 years delivering outcomes to our clients, and in this time we have captured and embedded our best practice within our own software products and provide consulting services for process reviews and improvements. Our goal is to identify the opportunities in the Mining Value Chain to increase productivity, effectiveness and profitability.

By partnering with companies such as acQuire, we are able to provide our clients professional services for a best of breed Geological Information Management solution.

  • Underground and open cut operations
  • Organisations with multi-site, multi-commodity configurations
  • Geometallurgy
  • Exploration and Resource Development
  • Strong database development skills
  • acQuire 4 and acQuire Neo components


Michael McMahon - GIM Suite Professional

Mike McMahon is an acQuire Certified Professional with 30 years’ experience in the mining industry, developing and configuring geological information management systems.  This includes working with the acQuire GIM suite for over 12 years, where he has been involved in implementing solutions for a number of major clients in the mining industry. Mike also has strong SQL Server and .NET development skills.

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