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Seven Stone Consulting delivers geoscientific information management services designed to make a difference in the resources sector.

We believe, that prevention of inaccurate, incomplete or non-logical data capture and storage is paramount in an industry, where accuracy enhances business success.

We can expertly guide and help you look after your most valuable asset – YOUR DATA.

Our services include:

  • Geological database audits, database implementation and administration
  • QAQC and data validation management
  • Reporting system configuration
  • Preparation of logging systems and procedures
  • Historic data research, compilation and amalgamation
  • Data interpretation, integration and visualisation, GIS services
  • All government compliance reporting, including annual technical reporting, safety regulation reporting, tenement administration and environmental rehabilitation program design, supervision and reporting
  • After hour service available


Constanze Parkinson - GIM Suite Practitioner

Asia Pacific

Constanze (Connie) Parkinson is the principal consultant and owner at Seven Stone Consulting. A geologist with more than 15 years professional experience across a wide range of commodities, including 10 years managing geoscientific databases, she has a broad knowledge of a variety of applications including acQuire’s GIM Suite.

Connie understands the intricacies of all aspects of the mineral exploration industry, having worked both in remote field and office-based positions. Skilled in database management, exploration software applications, tenement management and all other governmental reporting requirements as well as field exploration program design and delivery, she applies excellent critical thinking and problem resolution skills while maintaining objective focus at all times.

Her passion lies in the management and critical evaluation of scientific data to ensure client exploration projects are fast tracked where prospective. She is focused on sustainable business improvement opportunities as she sees this as a critical part of future exploration success.

Connie holds a master’s degree in geology from the University of Freiburg/Germany.

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