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PJW Geospatial Consulting specialises in geospatial and GIS data services primarily for the exploration and mining industry, as well as providing specialised services for local government and environmental agencies.

Offering a wide range of services and expertise in geospatial data management, database design and development, mobile application design, geospatial and GIS data cataloguing, map production, 2D and 3D modelling and data presentation and reporting.


Philip Wilson - GIM Suite Professional

Philip Wilson is the founder and managing director of PJW Geospatial Consulting and has 15 years’ experience in the exploration and mining industry. Philip has worked in Australia, Mongolia, China, Europe and South America managing GIS databases, geospatial services and information technology for both junior and mid-tier exploration and mining companies.

He has extensive experience and knowledge of geospatial information systems, spatial data management, geological and geophysical principals and techniques. He specialises in spatial data acquisition and spatial databases used in exploration, resource development and mining workflows.

Philip is an accredited acQuire certified professional, acQuire GIM Suite database manager and a GIS expert. He has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology and GIS from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and is a professional member of the AIG and GITA.

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