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31 Jan 2019 - Nova Network

acQuire’s Nova Network continues to grow global partner reach

acQuire is pleased to welcome three new consulting partners to its growing network of data asset professionals. Atamai Analytics, Nqutu Consulting and Ivy Tech Trading have recently joined the Nova Network extending the Network’s global footprint to over 23 partners.

The Nova Network is a partnership of accredited geoscience data asset professionals who deliver high-quality Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) consulting services using acQuire’s software products and hosted IT services to the mining and exploration industry.

Partners deliver a wide spectrum of data management services in all stages of project development and maintenance.

There are two service types provided by network partners. GIM Keepers provide pre and post software implementation data services for acQuire customers with existing GIM solutions.

GIM Suite Providers offer services using the GIM Suite software in an online managed environment to clients who do not have a GIM solution in place already.

Atamai Analytics

New Nova Network Partner, Atamai Analytics LLC, joins the network from USA. Headed up by Dean Smith, Atamai Analytics offers a range of data management and data analytics services to the mineral exploration and mining industry. Dean is an accredited technologist providing data management services using GIM Suite software in a hosted environment for companies without an existing GIM Suite implementation and also provides post-implementation data services for companies with an existing GIM solution.

Ivy Tech Trading

Based in Johannesburg, Ivy Tech Trading is an independent consulting company servicing the global minerals industry. Services offered include geological database management, due diligence, and technical risk and opportunity assessment. Ivy Tech Trading’s technologist, Roy Irvine, brings over 35 years’ experience in the exploration and mining industry. Ivy Tech Trading offers services as a GIM Suite Provider, using the GIM Suite in an online hosted environment.

Nqutu Consulting

Nqutu Consulting is the newest Nova Network Partner based in Wales, United Kingdom. Founded by Kirsty Reid, Nqutu Consulting delivers geological data management solutions using the GIM Suite for mining and exploration companies across several continents. With a geology background, Kirsty understands the importance of quality geoscience data for ongoing success. Nqutu Consulting offers both GIM Suite Keeper and GIM Suite Provider services for acQuire customers and the wider natural resources industry.

acQuire welcomes all three partners to its global network, adding valuable professional expertise to a growing network.

For more details on how Nova Network Partners can help your business, visit

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