GIM Suite is the cornerstone of your geoscientific information management

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Addressing the constant state of change

Mining operations are a collaborative undertaking. It’s common for one company to manage the exploration and another to take over once it becomes operational. The natural resources industry relies on consultants and a transient workforce. At the centre of all these changes is one thing you can control and one of your most strategic assets – your data.


Cost-effective data management

When everyone is working from the same set of reliable data, your entire operation runs more efficiently. Data handling costs are greatly reduced while quality of data improves allowing for quicker and more accurate strategic decision-making.



Versatile information management

The GIM Suite is used in the office or in the field across a variety of devices for:

  • Drilling contract information
  • Drillhole collar data
  • Coal quality data
  • Geological data
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring observations
  • Down hole geophysics
  • Sampling information and results

Support and ease of use

The GIM Suite technology is completely configurable with no need for expensive customisation.  A mature support network provides pre-sales and post-sales support across the globe. An active community of GIM Suite professionals and an accredited Learning program provides a skilled labour pool of people with GIM expertise.



From equipment manufacturers to other software, our GIM Suite provides integration options to technology partners such as Geosoft, ESRI, Seequent, Corescan and Maptek.  Your workflows and technology integration with other software providers becomes more meaningful because of this collaborative approach with multiple technology vendors. Future-proof your investment in next-generation technology with GIM Suite.

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