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03 Nov 2020 - GIM Suite – Technology, Company News, Technology Partner

acQuire and Imago join forces in new technology partnership to improve integration of geological data

acQuire announces a collaboration with Imago, a USA technology company dedicated to providing high-performance viewing of geological core and chip images from any location. The new integration gives GIM Suite customers the ability to view high-quality images alongside their geoscientific data. The Imago integration will be launched as part of GIM Suite’s next release –... View Article

23 May 2019 - Industry News, Event News, Business Management, Technology Partner by Alison Atkins

Digital transformation and the evolving mining tech ecosystem

When you’re immersed in a long-term project, it can be easy to forget how far you’ve come. That was driven home at the Digital Mine Conference held in Perth on 10-11 April 2019. It was an excellent opportunity to hear from the industry and Government about the current state of the digital mine, where we... View Article

07 Aug 2018 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

Third-party technology connectivity goes deeper

acQuire’s mature third-party technology partner program gives mining and exploration companies greater access to their data across different software products and the mining value-chain. Easier data transfer and data quality is maximised through a commitment to connectivity. acQuire provides it’s acQuireDirect API to technology partners so they can create an interface to GIM Suite from... View Article

31 Jul 2018 - Industry News, GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

Seequent and acQuire introduce Smart Refresh to Leapfrog Geo 4.3

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ – 31 July, 2018 – Seequent, a developer of data visualisation software and collaborative technologies including 3D geological modelling software Leapfrog®, and acQuire, a Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) software provider, today announced the introduction of ‘Smart Refresh’ functionality to Leapfrog Geo’s latest release, Leapfrog Geo 4.3. Smart Refresh greatly improves the speed of... View Article

04 May 2018 - Event News, GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

VIDEO: GIM Suite Integration with IMDEXHUB-IQ

acQuire hosted a series of presentations at its booth 823 at this year’s PDAC Convention. Technology partner, IMDEX, was invited to co-present the latest integration between GIM Suite and IMDEXHUB-IQ. Held on Tuesday 6 March, Michelle Carey, Global Manager – Integrated Solutions at IMDEX and Adam Dunstall, Commercial Account Manager at acQuire showcased the technology. Watch the... View Article

02 Mar 2018 - GIM Suite – Technology, Company News, Technology Partner

New GIM Suite and ioGAS connection for quicker analysis

Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA – 2 March 2018 – Users of IMDEX Limited (IMDEX) ioGAS software, can now connect directly to acQuire Technology Solutions’ (acQuire) GIM Suite for easier analysis of their geoscientific data. acQuire’s GIM Suite, used in over 450 sites globally, enables the capture, management and delivery of geoscientific observations and measurements. ioGAS performs visual analytics... View Article

26 Oct 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Business Management, Technology Partner by Steve Mundell

Interoperability and the connected mine

One of the exciting things about modern mining is the burgeoning recognition that drillhole data is an important business asset. As the technology for the industry advances, it’s becoming apparent no one vendor can provide expertise for all functions in a mining operation. As a result, we’re experiencing unprecedented focus on interoperability between hardware and... View Article

27 Sep 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Company News, Technology Partner

New partnership between acQuire and REFLEX brings benefits beyond the surface

A new partnership between acQuire and REFLEX will bring access to timely, verified and accurate sub-surface information to the fingertips of GIM Suite users. Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA – 27 September 2017 – acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (acQuire), a market-leader in geoscientific information management software solutions, and REFLEX, a pioneer in the development of downhole data... View Article

29 Aug 2017 - Event News, Technology Partner

The connected mine and the quest for better decisions

acQuire’s GIM Talks at PDAC 2017 acQuire hosted a series of GIM presentations featuring guest speakers from the mining and mineral exploration industry during the PDAC Convention in 2017. The presentations gave attendees technological insights in GIM and offered real-life case studies from the field. “The Connected Mine” was presented by acQuire, REFLEX and ARANZ... View Article

23 Mar 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

Tips to increase your database speed

As your geological datasets grow larger and GIM Suite data management capabilities become more dynamic, so grows the need for your data to be malleable and more accessible. We’ve designed some GIM Suite features to specifically help you get quicker access to your data when you need it. Tackling dataset bottlenecks with data caching Database... View Article

15 Mar 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

View your core imagery and drilling data all in one place

New GIM Suite connectivity features – ALS Limited and Corescan spotlight High resolution core images can be viewed directly within acQuire’s GIM Suite software. See all your information, including core images and drillhole data, from one place allowing your team to analyse data quicker and make better decisions for your operations. Third party software products... View Article

21 Feb 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner by Jared Armstrong

Interoperability: Smart Refresh improves data quality

Interoperability is taking the mining industry by storm. Or that’s what you might think if you’ve attended a mining conference recently. We’ve been on the interoperability bandwagon for over 20 years at acQuire, cheekily describing our efforts as ‘playing well with others’. What you might not have heard about is our Smart Refresh feature. Here’s... View Article

08 Feb 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Company News, Technology Partner

acQuire continues to expand technology partner program

acQuire has recently added Phinar Software to its global technology partner program. It is yet another step in providing acQuire customers with a greater level of connectivity in their operations. Phinar Software is a West Australian based company progressing in leaps and bounds with its technical applications. Phinar develop X10-Geo, a 3D data analytics and... View Article

21 Sep 2016 - Industry News, Technology Partner

Why industry groups such as The Open Group are important

Globally, the mining and exploration industry is under pressure to reduce operational costs through innovation and efficiency. Low commodity prices drive out some companies, but represent an opportunity for others to find efficiency gains creating sustained business improvements. During low points in the cycle, innovative resources companies can position themselves for the next upturn by... View Article

31 Aug 2016 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

Faster, data-driven decisions result from acQuire and ALS Limited technology partnership

acQuire and ALS Limited technology partnership helps miners and explorers make better decisions with faster data access. A new partnership between acQuire and ALS Minerals is set to revolutionise the way miners and explorers assess and analyse sampling information and results. The partnership integrates the powerful data management tools produced by acQuire’s GIM Suite with... View Article

05 May 2016 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

Access the Coreshed core image library direct through the GIM Suite

Corescan joined acQuire Technology Solutions at PDAC 2016 to present the latest functionality of the new GIM Suite 2 and Coreshed connectivity. The connection between GIM Suite 2 and Corescan’s Coreshed image library allows core imagery products to be accessed directly in the GIM Suite through a specialised database link. The specialised link has been... View Article

20 Apr 2015 - Technology Partner

Deswik and acQuire Partner for Greater Interactivity Between Software Systems

Technology partnerships are important, providing our customers with the big picture of their data. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Deswik is now an acQuire technology partner. Deswik.CAD is a powerful design and solids modelling platform used across all mining sectors. The acQuire GIM Suite can now be integrated with Deswik.CAD as part of... View Article

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