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Arena Basics

Gain insight into the fundamental administrative skills needed to set up and manage the web and mobile component of GIM Suite, as per best practices.

You can build on these basics in future learning units to configure and optimise your workflows based on your business requirements.

Who benefits?

  • New administrators being introduced to the web and mobile component of GIM Suite.
  • Existing GIM Suite administrators adopting the web and mobile component of GIM Suite.
Learning Outcomes
1. Recognise the responsibilities of an Access and Database Manager in administering and maintaining Arena.

2. Navigate the Manager interface of Arena.

3. Add and connect to a database in Arena.

4. Set up users and manage their security/permissions, as per best practices.

5. Identify how to assist with troubleshooting, including configuring user and system settings.

6. Recognise the purpose, structure and building blocks of different types of tasks in Arena, which allow users to view/manage/utilise their geoscientific data to make informed decisions.

7. Set up workspaces for users, based on business or project requirements.

You can participate in this unit at one of these upcoming courses:
14 Oct 2022
Arena Basics
10 Nov 2022
Arena Basics
South Africa
1 day
Virtual Classroom
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