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MYTech Advisory is your trusted partner for technical excellence and expert project management services. With a robust foundation in the mining sector and a wealth of technical and commercial expertise, MYTech Advisory can deliver tailored solutions to meet your project needs.

Their services include:

  • GIM Suite post-implementation services: Their team excels in providing comprehensive post-implementation support for GIM Suite. MYTech Advisory helps customers with the integration and optimisation of GIM Suite functionality, as well as identifying opportunities to enhance your project’s efficiency and success.
  • GIM Suite configuration: They offer specialised services in the configuration of GIM Suite objects and workflows. MYTech Advisory understands the intricacies of GIM Suite which enables them to fine-tune configurations and maintain optimal performance throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Database maintenance: Efficient and reliable database management is paramount to project success. MYTech Advisory takes pride in offering meticulous database maintenance services, helping to ensure the integrity, security and accessibility of your data. Their expertise guarantees that your project data remains organised and readily available for informed decision-making.
  • Global project management: The MYTech Advisory team supports customers globally, with offices that serve as local hubs for project management. Their international presence enables them to seamlessly manage projects across borders. When it comes to project management, MYTech Advisory aims to deliver results that exceed customer expectations.


Miranda Skerten - GIM Suite Professional

New Zealand

Based in the North Island of New Zealand, Miranda is a seasoned geologist with a wealth of experience in geoscientific information management. Miranda specialises in mining and geotechnical projects across minerals and coal commodities. She is proficient in all aspects of database work, from design to maintenance, ensuring optimal and reliable access to critical data. Miranda possesses robust skills in data analysis, visualisation and reporting, and excels in communication and collaboration with fellow industry professionals.

Core competencies include:

  • Advanced SQL skills: Miranda is proficient in leveraging advanced SQL techniques to streamline data processing and retrieval, and enhance the overall efficiency of a customer’s geoscientific information management solution.
  • GIM Suite knowledge: Adept at utilising GIM Suite, Miranda can help companies maximise the potential of their geoscientific data. She can also provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for mining and geotechnical projects.
  • Database requirements gathering: With an in-depth understanding of diverse database requirements across industries, Miranda can tailor solutions to meet the unique demands of mining and geotechnical projects.
  • QAQC expertise: Thorough knowledge of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QAQC) requirements around analytical sampling and testing processes, Miranda can contribute to the accuracy and reliability of geoscientific data.
  • Environmental and Geotechnical Monitoring: Miranda is proficient in comprehending and addressing the intricacies of environmental and geotechnical monitoring processes, and aligning with project objectives and regulatory requirements.
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